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since we had quite a high number of students from Australia on their gap year of travelling with us, we have decided to write a short report about what we had done and visited with you the within last year to give  you some image of what you could do with us. 

We are small outdoor agency focused on exhilarating adventures and, I have to admit, slightly dangerous trips. Unless there isn´t 100meters straight drop fall or a glacier we can walk on, it´s not a trip for us. The trips are so popular cos we are able to offer you something what´s unique for you and that are high mountains and ability to get you on the highest peaks you have ever been on. Our moto is "Experiences must be strong" and so far I can promise you we haven´t done a trip which wouldn´t be "strong" enough.

We do ferratasice glaciers and rock-climbing.

The most popular action is via ferrata. The good thing on ferratas is that you don´t have to be superman. It´s enough to have average physical condition and we will choose the right level of the ferrata for you. 

We have boosted these trips so good that you get the best trip you have ever been on.

So what destinations we have visited and what we have done there with your buddies?


It´s the first choice we are offering. Lot of nice mountains with a great variability of ferratas. The best for the one who wants to experience high mountains and have only few days for it or don´t want to spend a fortune. Since it´s close to Czech Republic the expenses for transportation are low and accommodation is for relatively good price.      

1. Hohe Wand

Beautiful place and easily reachable from Vienna which is just 50km away. Lot of choices of ferratas in the surroundings. It´s ideal trip for 3 days.

     The destination combines

  • short distance to get under a rock where the climbing starts 
  • a possibility to see a lot of mountain goats in nature 
  • for those in a good shape – a possibility to try the hardest ferrata we do with our clients
  • great walk on steel construction 500meters above ground



2. Eisenerz

It is absolutely stunning destination - for us the most popular destination. We have been there with most of our clients. It´s ideal for 4-5 days.                                          

   The destination combines           

  • high mountains over 2000 meters 
  • bridges 100 meters above ground with a single steel rope you walk on 
  • it´s the only one destination we do zippline - riding with high speed using pulley device on steel rope between two mountains and 300meters above ground
  • lots of ferratas with a great variability of difficulty
  • every evening barbecue party


Czech Republic

Experience Czech Republic from a different view. Try traveling and rock climbing in the north of Czech Republic. It´s ideal for 2 - 3 days. 

These trips are short and not extremely difficult but without using a steel rope, what follows the road you go, it makes it hard even for advance climber.    

Trip combines: 

  • ferratas and proper rock climbing 
  • sightseeing
  • cheap beer :D
  • it´s popular to finish the trip in Prague doing gokarting for 8euros         



The price per a trip depends on number of people you go with, destination, number of days and place you want to sleep (a tent/hostel). For example Eisenerz with seven people for five days costs 300 euros per person.

Eisenerz costs you 60euros/day but in comparison to Prague average expenses for foreigners are also 60 euros/day. We can offer you one amazing value add - we guarantee you for the same price stronger experiences what you will never forget :))


These are few days trips we do with foreigners and the best trips you can do when you want to try via ferratas. However we are able to do longer trips to Norway, Slovenia, Italy and so on…



One of the nicest countries in Europe. Coastline is broken by huge fjords and thousands of islands. Most of the country is dominated by mountainous or high terrain with a variety of natural features caused by prehistoric glaciers and varied topography. What´s the best on Norway is that you can do everything here what a mountaineer could wish for- ferratas, climbing, ice glacier hiking and so on... The variety between few hundred meters is gorgeous :) 

Trip combines: 

  • ferratas
  • ice glacier hiking on the highest mountain of Norway
  • waterfalls
  • 4 national parks of Norway
  • The trips is for 14 days and it cost 700* euros per person when minimum is 5 persons. *Depends on your group and preferences where you would like to sleep
  • The price includes:  transportation, equipment and guide
  • The best time to go there is from July to August 

So don´t hesitate, book a trip with us and enjoy Europe!!  

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