Glacier tours

Ascending on the glacier is a unique and great opportunity for all lovers of mountains and adrenaline. You will overpower a mountain only with crampons on your feet and an ice axe in your hand high above the surrounding. Around you there will be crevasses opening, which threaten you to fatal fall and you will desire after only thing, climb the peak of the mountain and return safely back again.

Experience what it means glacier hiking! We will teach you how to move around the glacier, how to use crampons, an ice axe, snowshoes, we will try to jump across a crevasse and we will climb to the most beautiful peaks of Europe. You can expect an unforgettable experience.



There are different levels of difficulty of glaciers. From easy ascents to vertical ice walls. We will move from a moderate to a medium difficult terrain, where you will be trained how to behave on the glacier and try everything what glaciers can offer. For glacier hiking is required resistance to cold weather, an absence of fear of heights and at least minimal physical condition.



The glacier is unique terrain where you need special equipment. Standard glacier movement is realized with the help of crampons and ice axes. Snowshoes are used for longer crossing and easy movement in the snow. Part of the mandatory equipment is also a helmet. We will also rent you a climbing harness, a carabiner and a climbing rope for your safety. Rental of all necessary equipment is included in the price of the event.

From your own equipment you will only need suitable clothes and footwear. We will move in cold environment with temperature below 0 ° C/ 32 °F. It is necessary to have warm ankle boots, warm clothes, caps, gloves, etc. You will receive more information on request by email.



First, you have to tell us about you.  We will make a deal about a place to go, what will be the number of participants, confirm the price and you will send us a payment on our account.

We will pick you up at a prearranged location the D-Day. The best starting points are Prague, Brno or Vienna. Nevertheless, we are ready to pick you up anywhere.

There will be an experienced guide during the whole trip with you who will take care of your safety on the rock and entertainment; he will arrange accommodation, transport and everything you need. You will spend most of the day in the mountains.

After the event we will take you back to the place by our common agreement. We will also send you photos from the trip, whether you have something to remember and show to your friends.





Guiding 120 € / day. The maximum number of clients per guide is 6 persons.

The price of the event itself includes:

The price does not include:

Total cost of the event will be specified in advance on the basis of your demand.

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