Private guides

Are you tired of cities, crowds, clubs and monuments which can be found in every picture? So set off to the mountains for new experiences and meet Europe differently than the others... There will be no lack of adrenaline!

Action Europe

Are you planning a longer stay in Europe? Meet the Alps, experience treks and unusual events. We will plan your program according to your ideas and possibilities. Weekend or 2 weeks, we will keep you entertained as long as you wish :-)


We specialize in mountain adventures, rock climbing, outdoor and adrenaline events. We will show you mountain peaks, you will experience with us Via ferratas, canyoning or paragliding.


Why should you choose us?

Because we can plan actions how you like them. Therefore there are not only Czech inhabitants but also mainly Australians coming with us to find experiences in mountains. But we can be also proud of references in Cyrillic.


What now?

Are you interested in action Europe? Are you interested in a private guide and do you have a taste for new experiences? There is nothing easier than to contact us. It will be our pleasure to spend some time with you.

Contact us:

  Tomáš Goláň
  +420 730 104 058

Whenever, whatever...

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